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How did the ';Barber's Pole'; come to be?

I was watching an old western, and when a dentist, slash, barber, rolled His wagon into town and took up shop, He painted one of the pillars on the front porch with the red and white stripes which We all know, signifies a barber shop. How did this come to be?How did the ';Barber's Pole'; come to be?
It is very old.

To quote -

';The barber pole It is the oldest distinguished mark of any profession or craft, dating back before the birth of Christ. History tells us that barber service was rendered to the public 6,000 years before. The art of hair and beard trimming (barbering), medicine (herbs), dentistry (tooth pulling) and surgery (blood letting) were all performed by the same operators in the early history; they were called BARBER SURGEONS. Due to the services that they rendered and especially to the royalty, the barber-surgeons were the most respected and protected men living. They held this respect for thousands of years.

During their practice of surgery, which consisted only of blood letting or bleeding the disease, a white cloth was used. They would rinse this out leaving blood stains, hang it in the door-way of their business to dry: thus, the origin of our present day barber pole. As the years passed by the hundreds, this original badge has been changed to the present, attractive glass red and white emblem which represents professional grooming service. The doctors, the dentists and the surgeons have all branched from our original profession long since; however, the barber pole still remains the property of the artistic barbering profession.';How did the ';Barber's Pole'; come to be?
Originally the barber did more. They pulled teeth, did small operations and was more of a GP.

The red and white pole represent the gauze (or cotton) and the blood.

The blue was added to make it more ';American';
The origin of the barber pole is associated with the service of bloodletting. During medieval times, barbers also performed surgery on customers. The original pole had a brass basin at the top (representing the vessel in which leeches were kept) and bottom (representing the basin which received the blood). The pole itself represents the staff that the patient gripped during the procedure to encourage blood flow.

The red and white stripes symbolize the bandages used during the procedure: red for the blood-stained and white for the clean bandages. Originally, these bandages were hung out on the pole to dry after washing. As the bandages blew in the wind, they would twist together to form the spiral pattern similar to the stripes in the modern day barber pole. The barber pole became emblematic of the barber/surgeon's profession. Later the cloths were replaced by a painted wooden pole of red and white stripes.
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    Guys how much do you tip your barber for a haircut?

    My stupid BF gives them nothing!Guys how much do you tip your barber for a haircut?
    You should tip a barber 15%-20% of what you pay, assuming that the barber did a decent job. This is the same amount that you tip at a restaurant.

    If your BF is charged $20 for a haircut, for instance, he should leave $23 or $24 with the barber.Guys how much do you tip your barber for a haircut?
    Just got a haircut today. Cost $10 and tipped $2 for a total of $12.

    I never heard of tipping a barber until I met my wife.

    Growing up we went in, got it cut and handed over the money- no tips given.

    They making good money, $10 a haircut, 3 to 4 haircuts in an hour is good money. Now I do not know how much it cost to go to barber college.

    nor do I know about the costs , regulations etc of running a barber shop so that money could get eaten up in overhead.
    I tip nothing unless they make friendly conversation, flirt with me, or I know them. My hair cut is very simple, it's basically just a shave, so why tip for something I should'nt even have to pay for? I get my dad to cut my hair now tho.
    I usually pay 20 for a 15 dollar haircut but i feel like they rushed through my haircut and didnt do a good job they get no tip because i feel cheated and don't even feel as tho i got my money worth.
    up to five dollars depending on the job and the change amount

    if i go to a cheaper place and they do a better job than the $25 place then they get the bigger tip
    I go to four different barber's Sometimes I tip $1.00 for a bad service. Sometimes I give them nothing, Other times I'll tip them $3.00
    My cut is $12, so I hand the guy $15, and tell him to keep it. It's not that I think $3 is the perfect tip, it's just easier that way.
    I give em 拢1. It costs 拢9.50 where I get a hair cut, so I think most people give em 50p lol

    How long will it take for a barber to buzz my hair off?

    I am planning on shaving my head this summer. Ive got thick long hair, so I wanted to know if its going to take longHow long will it take for a barber to buzz my hair off?
    She'll probably cut it first to a very short length, then shave off the rest, it'll probably take about 15-20 minsHow long will it take for a barber to buzz my hair off?
    Less than a minute. Go to someplace where the donate the hair to children with cancer.

    wow that's a crazy move you might wanna think that through

    and it wouldn't take long they just have to buzz through your hair and that doesn't take any time at all.
    it depends on the barber and how long he takes. and if he is into detail.
    if your a girl that is just weird...

    but yeah.. it will only take a few min..

    and make sure u donate it...

    and for some reason.. i dont think your being serious... lol
    Seconds. Are you going to donate it? You should.
    Why do you want to shave your hair off?
    Ok Britney

    How much do you tip the hair barber?

    I normally tip $2.00 but now i don't think its enough,after all she cuts my hair,they have to pick up the hair after words,and I like my haircut..so how much must I tip?How much do you tip the hair barber?
    a lot of my male clients get their hair cut about every 2 - 3 weeks; if you get it cut this often $2-$3 is good.

    if you are like me and get it done 2 times a year (weather it needs it or not lol) then you really need to tip better.

    i usually charge according to how i want to be tipped (i know how horrible it sounds). if i want a $3 tip i charge $22, $27 or $32 - it makes it easier.

    i do more than just cut, though. i also do a scalp, neck and shoulder massage (between 10 and 15 minutes) and do a hot towel treatment after the shampoo; i also do 'blade shaves' and hand massages during the wait.How much do you tip the hair barber?
    i pay $20 when i am in america so if its a $9 haircut its a good tip a $17 one not so good if they charge me more than $20 i run like **** ha ha oh and when i was in massachussetts in july i gave the guy $20 it was a $10 tip i also gave his two kids $5 each cos they were doing my hungover head in and i wanted them to shut up they did and i got to watch harry potter in peace
    The haircut itself is $15.00, so I give a $20. I do that for two reasons, first of all I do it because I know he'll appreciate it. Then secondly, because they will remember me next time I come in, and they will take good care of me. If for some reason there is a small line, I normally get bumped up in the rotation so I can get in and get out. I like to think its because of how I tip. Being that I work in a tipping industry I know that when you take care of people, they will take care of you. So I don't tip to be customary, I tip to be remembered.
    I tip 20% of the cost. I get my hair done about every 3 months. A cut, color and style. She does a good job, does what I asked in the first place and is friendly during the visit. I also work in the service industry and tip according to how I would like to be tipped and remembered. Servers at my ';regular'; spots fight over me, and it's a nice feeling to know that I wasn't one of those people that servers hope they never get. Americans are horrible tippers for the most part. And I choose not to be part of that generalization.
    i tip mine 10.00
    i do around 3-4
    I usually tip my stylist $5-10. It really depends on the level of service, whether they listened to what I wanted, and if they did a good job.
    I usually tip 15-20% just like with waiters and waitresses. It may vary across the country just as it does with waitstaff. In California customary is 15%. In the northeast when I was growing up it was 15% but has migrated upward to 20% minimum these days. I live in Cali so I take 15% and round to the next whole dollar.

    Then again I normally pay less than $10 for a haircut, so its almost always a $2 tip. I don't have a regular barber either I just stop wherever is convenient. A mens regular haircut #4 clipper on the sides, medium length on the top, parted on the left is pretty easy for anyone to handle.
    Tip AT LEAST 20%. There is NO doubt about it. Those stylists stand in one postion all day with their arms above your head making you look great. You try that for 8 hrs. They, like servers, depend on tips, and they work really hard at what they do. As for colorists, again, 20% at LEAST. Thats a talent that not every stylist has and if you find a good colorist dont let them go, treat them well!
    i would give a tip of 5$ so that when i go again im given good service and i wouldnt have to wait long.
    Of course, the tip would depend on how much the service was - I would really, really, recommend tipping a healthy 20% when you get your hair cut. The person cutting your hair is doing a skilled service, and a very personal one at that - they went to school for some time to learn that skill, and if they ';had an off day'; you would have to wear that ';off day'; for the next month! I do all my work on appointment, and for a $30 mens haircut, I usually get anywhere from $6-$15 as a gratuity - just be consistent with that and dont worry as much about holidays, etc... And if you make appointments for your hair - show up! Take care of the person that takes care of you. ~Stylist Brian~

    What kind of haircut is this and what do i tell my barber when i want this?


    Heres the pic, wut do i tell the barber?What kind of haircut is this and what do i tell my barber when i want this?
    You'll really just need to show them the picture. It's hard to articulate a creative style like that.What kind of haircut is this and what do i tell my barber when i want this?
    High %26amp; tight with a funky design, and a lot of gel.

    print the pic and take it with you.

    Just leave out the acne.
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